We are excited to offer lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery options to our customers. See below for information on why we love this new technology for golf carts!


1. Warranty 


Our lithium batteries come with a 5 year warranty compared to the average 1 year warranty offered from lead batteries. That's four more years of guaranteed protection.

2. Lifespan


Lithium batteries have up to a 10 year lifespan compared to 3-5 years with lead batteries. Over a 10 year span you could buy up to 3 sets of lead batteries, not cool!

3. Driving Distance

On one charge, you can drive 2 to 4 times further with your lithium battery compared to lead. Drive at ease knowing you can travel further in your lithium powered cart. 

4. Weight

Most electric carts today run on 48V systems or 6 - 8V batteries. Each battery weighs roughly 60 lbs, that's 360 lbs total! We replace the 6 batteries with our one lithium battery pack weighing in at less than 100 lbs. The reduction in weight allows less wear on your carts suspension, steering and brake parts. Less weight also means less power is required to accelerate your cart which extends the length of run time. 

5. Maintenance

This is a big one. Lithium batteries have zero maintenance! No more regularly topping off with water, cleaning terminals and corrosion. Lack of maintenance is one of the biggest factors for lead batteries failing pre-maturely. Rest easy without the burden of battery maintenance!

6. Power

Lithium batteries deliver constant power throughout the duration of use, no matter the state of charge. As lead batteries lose their state of charge, they also lose the amount of power output. This will slow lead powered battery carts down as they go up hills. Drive further and faster with your lithium powered golf cart!

7. Charge Time

Depending on state of charge, lithium batteries take 2 to 5 hours to reach full charge. Lead batteries can take 7 to 10+ hours to reach full charge. Switch to lithium and minimize downtime.


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Up to 20-30 mile range

Up to 40-50 mile range

Up to 60-70 mile range

We also offer Eco Battery products! Click on their logo for options.